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3.7.x / Re: administrator approval before contacting publisher
« Last post by Shafi on Today at 12:04:16 pm »
by default there is no option like that till yet. You will have to make a plugin.
3.7.x / Re: OsclassWizards- modifying the search box
« Last post by Shafi on Today at 12:03:30 pm »
Which theme are you using. ?
General help / Re: Prevent duplicate ad posts
« Last post by Shafi on Today at 11:46:29 am »
I will test this on live server
General help / Re: Osclass have conditional statements ?
« Last post by _CONEJO on Today at 11:19:13 am »
That mostly depends on your theme, if you are talking about <title/> tag, then your theme "might" be using the function meta_title from oc-includes/osclass/functions.php line 80, the lines you are interested might be lines 113 - 121

If you are talking about some text in the middle of the page, then, at the same file, function search title (line 45) and the code, lines 51 - 58

The first line of the code check that the search params (region, city or category) are empty, then show the "all listings" message, in case of subdomains, at least one of those params will not be empty, so the message is not shown because your are filtering your search
General help / Re: Ascending listing
« Last post by bredis on Today at 09:38:20 am »

for searching it works great but I would need it as well for lateast items.

Thank you very much.
Française / Problème de connectivité au marché et SMTP
« Last post by MidasAide on Today at 09:31:42 am »
Bonjour, je viens de migrer un de mes vieux sites de petites annonces. Il était dans une vieille version et j'ai fait la migration à l'arrache (via Mysql). Malgré la méthode de bourrin, le site fonctionne, mais je pense que le nouveau serveur a parfois des problèmes de connectivité. De temps en temps, la connexion au marché est indisponible et c'est la même chose pour le ReCaptcha. J'ai regardé un peu et un redémarrage de Nginx et de PHP7-FPM semble régler le problème, mais je dois les redémarrer régulièrement. Dans les logs d'erreur, j'ai ce genre de message

Code: [Select]
PHP Warning:  file_get_contents(): php_network_getaddresses: getaddrinfo failed: No address associated with hostname in /home/site/monsite/oc-includes/recaptchalib/ReCaptcha/RequestMethod/Post.php on line 68

PHP Warning:  file_get_contents(https://www.google.com/recaptcha/api/siteverify): failed to open stream: php_network_getaddresses: getaddrinfo failed: No address associated with hostname in /home/site/monsite/oc-includes/recaptchalib/ReCaptcha/RequestMethod/Post.php on line 68

L'environnement :
OSClass 3.1.7
Nginx 1.10.0
PHP 7.0.5

J'ai vu que l'erreur se produisait parfois si l'option allow_url_fopen était en Off, mais elle est sur On. C'est peut-être lié à un problème dans /etc/host, mais toutes les valeurs semblent correctes. Et pour les réglages SMTP, j'ai mis un Gmail, mais cela ne semble pas marcher.

General help / Osclass have conditional statements ?
« Last post by altavista on Today at 06:12:05 am »
You know I'm in a battle with the subdomains, and I discovered that the title of All items ( search ) in subdomain, does not make any mention of " All Items " in title.

my question is , there is something like conditional statements in osclass : e.g.

if osc all items search then display "all items" in title.

General help / Re: Display ad for a specific cities together?
« Last post by altavista on Today at 05:38:33 am »

Yes, it's possible:

Code: [Select]
osc_query_item('city=New York,Boston,Atlanta');

Awesome.. Thanks teseo..
General help / Re: Prevent duplicate ad posts
« Last post by Liath on Today at 02:42:15 am »
Plugins / [Plugin] Spam Protection
« Last post by Liath on Today at 02:33:11 am »

Now available on OSClass - Market for FREE!!!

Download here: https://market.osclass.org/plugins/security/spam-protection_787

This Plugin isn't thought to ban automatically all spam, this is only a help for Admins, to find spam, check it and choose which action will be done. You can use different Methods for checking your ads while posting and choose this what fit your needs at best.

There are two languages available (german, english), but you can easily translate it to your own with the tool Poedit. See here how to translate it.

This plugin gives you the option to block spam on different ways
  • Add Honeypot
    This option adds a "honeypot" and protect against bots.
  • Search for duplicates
    This option searches for duplicate posts from the user.
  • Check MX Record from user email-addresses
    This option enables you to check if the sended mail address has an authentical MX Record
  • Block banned email-addresses
    This option enables you to block email-addresses, so all ads are automatically marked as spam from this mail-address
  • Stopwords
    With this option you can define words they are blocked. When an ad is posted with one or more of this words, its automatically marked as spam
  • .htaccess Editor
    Here you can modify your .htaccess to include some protections against bots. But beware, edit this only if you know what you do!

Big thanks to Aficionado, TangoX, SteveJohnson, dev101 for your help and support

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