Author Topic: [SOLVED]The default contact form is not working - admin does not receive email  (Read 1667 times)


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I was just testing the contact form page which is set up (by default I assume) so the admin should receive the email message when someone creates a new message.

However, for some reason, when a user sends a message through the contact form the admin does not receive anything, although there is a notification confirming the message has been sent successfully... I know the email address is working fine since when a new listing is created, the admin receives the email but when a user tries to contact the admin through "website.com/contact" page, the message never makes it to the admin... Does anyone know how to resolve the issue? Thanks

#### Turns out using a different email address works, so I think it was the server flagging it up as spam
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I see your problem did you resolve it since then? If yes how, I have the same problem.

Thank you :)


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Hello! I have the same problem. Did you resolve it? Can you help me, please?
Regards! Thank you!


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Setup smtp settings properly to work. admin > settings > smtp