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Title: cars_attributes add 2 diferent fields (no sucess yet)
Post by: Dannad_ on September 15, 2017, 04:10:46 am
hi dudes.. the thing is... i´m trying to add 2 diferents field/items in search filter but not working.

1} add seller

it´s drive me crazy, dudes...

i read the following issues:


and still get no answer, i´ve tryed everything .. see source below

Code: [Select]
                case 'seller':
                    if( is_numeric($value) ) {
                        Search::newInstance()->addConditions(sprintf("%st_item_car_attr.e_seller = %d", DB_TABLE_PREFIX, $value));
                        $has_conditions = true;

in search_form.php

Code: [Select]
    <div class="row one_input">
        <h6><?php _e('Seller''cars_attributes'); ?></h6>
        <select name="e_seller" id="e_seller">
            <option value=""><?php _e('Select a dealer''cars_attributes'); ?></option>
            <?php foreach($e_seller as $v) { ?>
                <option value="<?php echo $v['pk_i_id']; ?>" <?php if($seller==$v['pk_i_id']) { echo 'selected'; } ?>><?php echo $v['e_seller']; ?></option>
            <?php ?>

and dont work... the title shows ok but the select is empty

2} i´m trying to add "Engine(cc)" field but no sucess....

someone can help me to solve this issues?? tnks .. regards