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Adding New Type of Users and Dashboard
« on: May 18, 2017, 10:52:22 am »
Hello Dears,

I want to modify osclass according to my requirements. I don't know is it possible or not. I had attached an image that displays different users in my system. The system is divided into two parts as normally osclass have.
  • Back-End (oc-admin)
  • Front-End (website view for users)

The Back-End have same user as in standard osclass we have. I need some modification in the back-end for both type of back-end usrs.
For the front-end I divided it into two main areas.
  • Distributor-Dashboard
  • User-Dashboard
The Distributor-Dashboard have almost same functionality that we have in standard osclass "User Dashboard or User Login Area".  The Distributor-Dashboard have also two different users.
  • Distributor
  • Manager
Distributor is just like as Administrator for the Manager. Distributor can view different type of reports such as, no of listed items, no of views for all listed items etc. and he/she can modify and approve the listing of the Manager. on the other hand, Manager can add new listings as a normal user in the standard os-class.

But for the User-Dashboard I have totally different functionality. User can create wishlist, comments on a listing item, view distributor information such as contact no address etc. but user could not place a listing.

Finally I have a user type witch is Visitor. This user can visit the website (Front-End) and view the listed items but he/she could not view the contact information of the distributor and could not be able to comments on the listing items.

I hope, you will understand the system scenario from this information.

Now My question is that we have specific hooks for "User" but we don't have any hook for the Distributor. Can we modify osclass with my requirements.
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