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Hi Guys,
I have recently created experimental fork of official osclass repo at
I started with refactoring old code and removing legacy code in Osclass and in future will try to add features, other's can also contribute to this repo by testing alpha release, creating issue or submitting pull request.
I will try to close as many issues I can in my free time, but I greatly need help of other developers who want to contribute in this repo.
Objective of this repo is to test new features and improving code quality in osclass, later we will create pull request to official Osclass repo.
Navjot tomer

Just be sure Osclass team AREN'T doing the same thing, in their offices, right now.

I mean don't do work/updating/refactoring that they are already doing (without updating Github).

Which I cannot be sure  ;) without any official notification.
But it would be much better if people create pull request to this repo and after testing via community we create pull request to official one. We can add maintainer to this repo from community, who can decide what should be included and when. It will surely reduce work of official osclass repo maintainers.
We already know that official public repo is not touched in a while, if any core-dev can answer on this thread that how we can contribute more to this project.
I have already made over 65 commits to my repo so I will carry on what I am doing right now.

Just to be clear. I'm not saying "don't do it".

Au Contraire.

Ofcourse you didn't said that.


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