Author Topic: New rules for selling products at the Osclass forums  (Read 6163 times)


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New rules for selling products at the Osclass forums
« on: December 01, 2015, 05:41:09 pm »
All products sold at have been previously reviewed by our team, some of them didn’t make it because they didn’t reach what we consider a minimum of quality, or directly, they didn’t work at all. However, in the Osclass forums, they are being sold without being reviewed by our team and without any kind of control. This situation has incremented the inquiries about products and developers we know nothing about, we can not forward those inquiries to the proper people to take care of them. For these reasons we have decided to not allow sales about products not reviewed by our team in the official forums as it may confuse users as if those products were reviewed or developed by the Osclass team. We’ve determined to block and delete any topic on the forums about products which are not in the official Osclass Market. These actions also intent to return the original spirit of the forums to a place where users could seek for support and help when they’re starting their classifieds website. If you want to sell your products on the Osclass market it’s as easy as register as developer. For our part, we’ve recently introduced some changes on our side that will reduce the reviewing time of the products.

From now on:
  • You could only link to reviewed products being sold at the Osclass Market.
  • We do not allow links to third party / external markets.
  • Signatures will be reviewed too.
  • Developers who had their products at the Osclass Market could continue to offer support at the forums, but we suggest to move to the proper channels inside the market.

Osclass forums have been for several months a great marketing and sales channel for the community of developers. However, we ask you to consider that having your products in the official market give you access to more than 37.000 active websites worldwide that are using Osclass to power their classifieds websites. We think that’s the fastest and easier path to reach new users of your products.

We'll be implementing the changes in the following days. If you have any doubt or question, don't hesitate and contact us
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