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New updates and support for Osclass, New Osclass Market
« on: August 13, 2019, 01:56:46 pm »
Hi, Osclass community.
My name is Dis, I am one of the development team that has been actively involved in the development of themes and plugins for Osclass for over 5 years.
Many people know our themes and plugins (public profile in the official Market -

Our team has developers who have been programming since 2003.

Update and support for Osclass.
We worried, like many others, that Osclass has not been updated for more than a year.
And it is not known whether new updates will be released.

We are ready to take on all the updates and support of Osclass itself.
Improve and develop Osclass.

We would also like other developers to take part in updates and support.
Together we can make Osclass better.

The Osclass team has warned all Market buyers and developers that the official Market will be closed on September 5th.
For all of us, this is a big loss.

For users, it was a convenient place to buy a theme or plugin from different authors.
The user could watch the demo, read the description and ask a question before buying a theme or plugin.
It was convenient for the user to make his choice after seeing real ratings and reviews of other users.
This is much more convenient than buying on different sites of different developers.
The choice is much greater, and the reviews and ratings are honest.

For developers, it was the best sales channel.
There are always more buyers on the Market than on personal sites.
Sales in the markets are always much greater.

Our team wants to create a new Market.
Osclass users will continue to be just as comfortable choosing and buying everything in one place. (Even more convenient than it was before)
Functionality we want to create even better than it was.

There will be no priorities among developers. All developers will be equal, work in the same conditions.
And new products will not move to the very end of the list. Developers will receive a new platform for good sales.

What is your opinion about our plans?
Need to create a new Market?
Does Osclass need to be developed and maintained?
If you are interested, please contact us to e-mail :
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