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Frequently Asked Questions [F.A.Q.]
Common questions and doubts about OSClass. Please read the whole FAQ before asking any question on the forum.

I'm been using OSClass for a while, should I read this FAQ anyway?
Yes, absolutely.

OSClass is not working, XXX is not working or wrong, ...
We really appreciate your help, but if your only message is "OSClass is not working" we can not help you. Please, know how to write a bug report

I want to customize my OSClass website. Is there any list of tips & tricks?
Yes, we have a wiki page full of useful information.

I'm a developer and want to know more about OSClass system. Is there any documentation/manual?
Yes, we have a online documentation with all the information you need. Also check out the wiki page.

Could OSClass do XXX task? How do I do it?
OSClass is a very flexible script, it even has a plugin system which allow it to perform additional tasks. So probably the answer to the first question is yes, OSClass can. The answer to the second one is more complicated. Usually we could do it but it will take us time and effort. Since we're a very small team and do not have enough time to do everything we want to, we probably give you some guidelines to achieve your goal, but do not expect us to give you the whole working code. If you want to modify OSClass, a minimal of HTML, CSS, JS, PHP or MySQL is required (depends on the task itself). However, other users could help you. If we find your question interesting we could add it to OSClass, but don't expect it soon.

I'm having an error while installing plugins
"There was a fatal error and the plugin was not installed.
Error: "xxxxxxxxxxxx" Line: xx
File: xxxxxxxxx"
This could be caused by two things, the plugin itself or your current installation of PHP. This is because at installation step we display all errors, which usually is not done in production servers. Since we tested out all the plugins, it's most probably caused by a wrong configuration of your php.ini. You should fix it, or ask your hosting company to do it. In case you're not able to do it, the problem will still persists but you could install plugins if the following lines are removed or commented in file oc-admin/plugins.php, lines 80, 81, 91, 108, 109, 118. Comment those lines adding two slashes at the beginning of it :

For example, from

$old_value = error_reporting(0);


// $old_value = error_reporting(0);

I'm not getting any email
This could be cause for several problems:
1.- Check your server configuration is correct (Admin panel > General Settings > Mail server)
2.- Is the destination account the same as the sender? Some email services, as GMail, blocks emails which have the "from" and "to" email address the same and are not sent from their web interface.
3.- Is your mail server marked as spam or blocked by your hosting company? Some companies have a limit on how many emails you could send per hour/day/month
4.- Does the email templates exists? If you're using a different language from English, please check your emails got translated

Could I add a subcategory inside a subcategory? (subsubcategory)
Short answer: No. Long answer : Yes, but you will need to modify OSClass. Here's more information about this issue.

Why is this topic closed?
This is a FAQ topic, no question should be palced here, you have the whole forum to do it. From time to time, we'll be updating this topic with new questions and answer.

I ws just lazy and skip to the last topic
Go to the first one and start reading again!


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