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Thank you for the clarity!
You have received my two THUMBS


Hi Conejo,
Fine, and I'll never send you any private message  :) :) :)
This lessage is cristal clear :) :)

Well, I think he just wanted to say: Place your problem in thread, solution provided in Personal Message is helpful just for 1 man, but in thread it is helpful for whole community  8)

O dear @aide2001 i am new in that field just want to modify my site i am on localhost now want to fully modify my site how can i ? i am using osclass 3.4.1 version .i want to remove all sections like For sale,vehicals etc its a basic structure when you create database..i want to make website but not like that i dont want these categories all section kindly help me out and kindly no abusing its not my fault remove your WTF thank you....

@_CONEJO = Good speach, love it, straight to the point
@Sam28 = This is not in the correct topic!, how will anyone be able to pick this question up.
Search the forum for your trouble. (please, if you need to post stuff) give a little more information.
Which osclass version, what theme are you talking about, what you actually want to do.. this quote =  how i delete For sale,vehicles sections = could mean/be anything.


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