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Just a friendly reminder, since it seems that some people don't know/don't care about it:

Personal messages (PM) are for personal issues

If you have a doubt, do not send a personal message.
If you have a problem, do not send a personal message.
If you send me a personal message to take a look at your issue, I will not.
If you send me a message for anything that's not personal, you are wasting your time (writing) and mine (reading).

I don't want to sound rude, and there're a few reason why:
If you send a PM for your doubt and you got a reply, only you will know how to solve the issue, if instead, you post them in the public forums, everyone could reach it and know the solution to their problem.
If you send me a PM, only me will be able to reply, when I have time. if instead you post them in the public forums, you will get dozens of views in the very next few minutes/hours, your probability of getting a reply or a solution are why bigger.
I'm not sure what do you expect if you send me a link to your public question in the forums, why should I look at your issue before others? Is your problem more important than others?

Again, I don't want to sound rude. We have very limited resources in Osclass. I'm almost alone (garciademarina helps me a lot) for:
1.- Moderate the forums and reply to doubts/questions
2.- Same for UserVoice : (but much less volume)
3.- Checking all the issues at GitHub
4.- Develop, do real work on Osclass' code, the dozen of themes and more than 45 plugins
5.- Server management and other stuff

I simply don't have time to reply to all of you, in fact, I spend each day from 1.5-2 hours replying at the forums, that means that I have less time to  work on the code! So I prioritize, I try to reply to 0-1 replies topics (bump your own topic, will make it to have more than 0 replies so I probably would not see it), sometimes I missed some. Sending me (or any other person) personal messages will not speed up thing, it just does the opposite since I will have to read your PM and then your real question. Please, just be patient to get your answer, and try to help others in their questions. I'm really doing my best here.

It's ok to contact me if you have discovered a security issue in Osclass, so we could made a fix before the security issue is made public.

Very well written and you have opened my eyes and I now know and understand much more.
This is such an important post I suggest it be pinned at the very top of the forum....
Thanks for this post.

Amen  :D

Many people just don't want to understand that this is not about free "private surgery", but public sharing of knowledge.

Keep up the good work, Daniel :)

Hi _Conejo,

newby here and very thankful user as well as specialist though php is not my trade (learning slowly) and being in management nowadays after years of development. I will see if I can help, I contacted a developer within my company in the first place to see if he can help me out with some theme wishes and misses since he also knows php. I am working on a combination of the Repurpose theme and Minimalist. So who knows things will come your way for a change:)

I understand your 'cry out' and hope to see more people helping out as long as there is one keeping the control ensuring a certain level of quality and flexibility. This software is really pretty good though themes can be better at this moment, especially the quality of some when deviating from english language.

Nevertheless, great work from all who contribute and again very thankful!  8)


Keep up the good work bro admin...  happy to be here...


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