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Multiple Osclass Installs - Here is information that may help

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I see posts scattered throughout the forum discussing this topic. Seems for one reason or another none have clean workable asnswers. This post is no exception, just additional information in the hope you can pool all the information and knowledge and make what you want work.

This is not a "Fix All". Just another tool in the tool box.

The topic of multiple Osclass installations seems to come up weekly so I decided to offer my limited knowledge about this subject.

The short answer is yes it can be done in a few ways. The best way is database combining known as database integration. I will not go into this because it is difficult if you do not understand sql. There are many sites explaining this such as
Database combining allows each site to have it's own database but integrated to other sites. This would be the ideal setup.

Another way is to have multiple installations of Osclass sharing the same database. This works fine if you want all categories, users and item listings to be on all sites. Each site can have it's own theme and use different plugins with a few exceptions. The themes and plugins can generally be modified for each site with no effect on the other sites within reason. This can be structured to use one admin or an admin for each site.

Similar to above would be using a simple gateway site. This gateway site allows access to any site or site page such as by region, city, item catagory or sub-catagory. There can be an unlinited number of these links. Links can be represented by text or images. This would allow for each site to have it's own database or all sites sharing a database. If using seperate databases then each site could have categories, item listings, etc. independent of the other sites but easily accessible through the gateway. Another advantage of having a gateway site and several independant linked to sites is a huge gain in SEO and internet exposure.

Here is an example of a gateway site:
The above is fully functional. The gateway  linked sites above are using separate databases but could have been setup using the same database. Note that I own the domains but I downloaded (Borrowed) and modified the gateway theme page from Osclass.

If you want just one site but multiple themes then install the plugin - demo_themes.
This allows each visitor to view the site from a theme they chose. The same theme will load each time they visit IF they accepted cookies.

There is much more that can be said but if you are serious about having multiple sites then expect to spend substantial time researching and learning or hire someone that knows how.

Though this is quite basic information, I Hope this helps answer the almost weekly question on how to setup mutiple installations.

Hi Tomshaft,

I want to make sites like

I want to make multi subdomain with different databases and share de user between the databases. I have good knowlage of databases but basic knowlage of PHP and webbased applications.

Can u share the code of gateway page?



The gateway page downloaded  ("borrowed") from Osclass here: then placed in the domain,
All I did was add some text and link the images to the domains.
The linked domains can be on the same or different host. They can be primery domain or sub-domains.
Create a database on any host. Link to the database in the config.php of each installation.

If I was going to use the technique shown I would have all on the same host as the database. The primery site ( like  would be in a folder on the root and the others would be in sub-domains. All Osclass installations would be in folders just to keep it all neat and clean.
Hope that answers your question.

Dear Tom,

Its very kind of you.
Would u send me the gateway.

At this moment i am looking for a nice and powerfull theme to use for the sites. I am fucus on "tatiana theme" and "Tuffclassified". Do you have any idea?

But I can work on the site and the gateway parallel. I appreciate your help.



Ok. Those are nice premium themes. Osclass has approx. 24 free themes that are basic but can be customized. If your into specific sites such as cars I suggest the free autobilekas, For employment, jobsbilekas or masjob, for news site then, newscorp. These work nice for seperate sub-domain sites. For realestate there is realestate but though this is a nice looking theme it is tricky to modify. Of course there is always the popular bcute. this theme accepts modification reasonably well and can be a decide looking after changes.
Good Luck


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