Author Topic: Bitnami Osclass Windows installer Error  (Read 424 times)


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Bitnami Osclass Windows installer Error
« on: January 17, 2017, 11:57:24 am »
Please, I desperately need HELP with this:

I downloaded Bitnami Osclass and I used its windows installer to try to install Osclass into my laptop and test its features. The installation starts and runs nicely until to a point where it gives me the following information:

"Waiting for MySQL to start ..."

"Configuring MySQL ...",

"Shutting down MySQL."

After a long time without nothing happening comes this message: "Error running Tasklist / SVC: ERROR: Not Found".

Later comes the following message:

"Unable to install MySQL as a service with name OsclassMySQL."

Then nothing else happens. The installation never ends ... No shortcut is created in the Start menu of Windows Programs.