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Safe to upgrade to 3.80??


I have been running version 3.74, using the Bender theme, for the past year, and have made many customizations. I believe all my changes are to the oc-content folder.

What folders or files will be impacted by doing an update via the admin dashboard? Only core files, or theme files as well ?


After waiting for a month for someone else to offer their tips, I decided to proceed cautiously and perform the upgrade. I first made a backup just in case, and was pleasantly surprised the upgrade was successful, and only took a few minutes.

Phew...   all is good again!

You can look for some older topic as this was discussed before, I know as a newbie you have a lot to read, but that's your best bet.

Actually, before I posted my question, I searched the forum looking an answer, knowing that others must have gone through the upgrade process, and to learn of their experience. Since some experiences were not exactly positive, I decided to put it out there.

After waiting for a month for any type of reply, and reading more forum posts, I decided to go ahead. In the meantime, no one else chimed in with either a positive or negative experience, which is why I posted my own reply to my original question, in the hopes that someone else could be re-assured that the process works.

I seldom require assistance, which is why I have very few posts on the forum. Not that I am a 'noob'.


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