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Search result showing the listing twice
« on: September 28, 2013, 06:46:41 pm »

I installed osclass few days ago and I’m testing and learning from it.
I have only one regular listing and this question, I would appreciate your kindly help:
- With job plugin, I have different search results (I think the concerning file is search_list.php)


 /index.php?page=search&sOrder=dt_pub_date&iOrderType=desc&sPattern=&sCity=&sRegion=&sPriceMin=&sPriceMax=&sCategory[]=8&sCategory[]=75&relation=&companyName=&positionType=UNDEF (one result)

and for:

 /index.php?page=search&sOrder=dt_pub_date&iOrderType=desc&sPattern=&sCity=&sRegion=&sPriceMin=&sPriceMax=&sCategory[]=8&sCategory[]=75&relation=HIRE&companyName=&positionType=UNDEF (duplicated result)

I did tried different themes, all with my same question.
I would like to have only the one listing showing once (if not premium) on the result page.
Thank you for helping.