Author Topic: Business Directory Plug-in - Customisation Required  (Read 427 times)


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Business Directory Plug-in - Customisation Required
« on: February 25, 2019, 04:30:44 am »
I need some customisation done for Business Directory Plug-in

Additional features need;

1. More fields required for Business Directory Registration, should have option to choose either optional or required for each field. What am trying to do is, I want to validate or at least have some verification done for Business Directory Registrations. A company private domain email, bank account number, Internal Revenue File Number, Investment Promotion Authority Number, etc. So if I have at least up to 4 pre-labeled data fields which I can customise and choose whether required or optional will be great (drop down or select/deselect option).

Better still if the option to insert extra data field option with the added option of choosing required or not required options in this plugin will resolve the above.

2. At the backend, based on data provided in 1 above, I need an option to manually or automatically approve business directory registrations.

3. Additional feature would be to have Business Directory Registration verifed labels made visible on front end, example:

Level A - Fully Verified ( IRC, IPA & Bank)
Level B - Partially Verified ( IRC or IPA or Bank)
Level C - Yet To Verify