Author Topic: I'm willing to pay 50$/Select location city for each category for Ads  (Read 1193 times)


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I'm willing to pay 50$ the person who wants to help me make my files
Hi everyone, I'm working on my website and I'm interested can add each user to select his city and look in the category of ad his town.
I have set only regions but not cities, and all ads in every city in the region finally fixed in the region but not in that city, how can I do to solve this problem, thank you and I appreciate any help from everyone.

I want to install site for all cities. So it should be

So when one click on City1 he only sees City1 classifieds and when he change his location/city to City2, he only sees ads in City2.
But a user can post ads in any city and if he register, it should be independent of location, I mean if user1 is registered for City1, it should be same user for City2.
In his dashboard he can see all his adds regardless which city they have been posted.

For that do I need multi-installation in one database?
Do I need to change code to redirect user login/registration to on single table?
Any suggestion plz?
Does anybody know life site based on osclass doing same thing?

Something like this site I want to show location categories for each city Demo site : 
Up there in search / bar where it says ''Toata Romania'' appear when you click all cities and can select the city you want to remain in default of that city to search listings on any category desired
My site: Language italian


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I want to the same. Please let me know if you were successful in doing this.



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I want to the same. Please let me know if you were successful in doing this.



I can't promise anything, but I may have an idea. I will try it when I will have some time and reply you. I think only one installation will be needed. However, I suggest you post a new thread.

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