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Job Offer
« on: December 09, 2016, 11:46:17 am »
I have stuck with my os class site and need help! I tried to get some solutions by the forums but there where no responses and I am under time pressure. If someone is interested to help me out for some profit in return, so contact me. We can discuss what is to be fixed and what someone would like to have for that in return.

mail me at..    info@seeweb.gr

I have seen a post from someone offering payed services and I can somehow understand that this is not the Idea of an open source community, but here I would like to comment that this is totally controversial with the fact that 90% of the offered themes and plug ins are for cash. On the other hand also people like me seeking help it makes a sense to get it from someone familiar with os class so maybe its not a bad idea to have a specific area in the forum where it is well known that there the posts are only from people who want to sell their abilities... just a thought..