Author Topic: Payment pro can only set the ad price in US dollar. How to set it in Real BRL  (Read 580 times)


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I have two questions
The first is how can i set the price ad in Real curency from Brazil BRL because the only option there is US dollar

The other question is about the plugin install

I am begginer and could not do that:


PAYMENT_PRO_CRYPT_KEY is an unique key of 16, 24 or 32 characters long to encrypt your payment information. You need to change it to something unique and not too short..
PAYMENT_PRO_CRYPT_KEY should be defined in /home/inves205/public_html/www.desapeguix.com.br/oc-content/plugins/payment_pro/config.php . If you do not have said file, create it with the following content: .
                    if(!defined('PAYMENT_PRO_CRYPT_KEY')) {
                        define('PAYMENT_PRO_CRYPT_KEY', 'randompasswordchangethis');

Is there an easier way to set the plugin because i can not do that . So if is not possible that plugin is only for webmasters
I really need help


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Dear regiane,

1.- Payments pro works with any currency that is supported by the payment processor you have chosen. Just change the currency to whatever you want it to be. It's a free text input, so you could change USD to anything, just make sure it's supported by the payment processor.

2.- What do you mean you can not do that? Couldn't you upload a file to your server via FTP? How did you installed the plugin? Which hosting are you using?