Author Topic: [Free Plugin] noCaptcha reCaptcha (new version 1.2.1 released)  (Read 14033 times)


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Re: [Free Plugin] noCaptcha reCaptcha (new version 1.2.1 released)
« Reply #75 on: August 21, 2019, 07:13:17 pm »
Can you share url of topic here, I will share my experiences about your plugin!

Seriously? You already know it from few posts above :)

Some of my comments had been deleted by moderator probably there was mentioned your web site address within content...
Anyway, yes recently I also changed this plugin you gave url, 

But title of topic is noCaptcha reCaptcha, therefore I was mixed with, I was always using that free plugin and it never stopped spam registration!

Recently I changed all sites ....
Yes % 96 of spam registrations stopped now, but rarely I receive spam registrations!
It is better than before!

Sorry for confusing / mixing plugings, Yes your INVİSİBLE RECAPTCHTA plugin is good!

Not good and receiving spam registrations >>>>
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