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[IMPORTANT] GLOBAL thread of problems with plugins [MUST READ/PARTICIPATE]

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I've been a bit disconnected from the forum lately, and I lost track of errors with plugins. I want to fix that situation so I'm asking for your help here.

Just write here the problem you've encountered with the plugins, only of plugins on the market. I'm sorry, if a plugin is not in the market it's not made by us and you should contact the author directly. Some of the plugins in the market are not made by the Osclass team, but by contributors, I will try to communicate them your problems.

You must answer this questions:

* What were you trying to do?
* What did you click on or do last?
* What happened / what did you see?
* What browser are you using?
* What version of OSClass?
* What hosting provider? (And if you know, what version of PHP do they use?)
* Bug reports that show screenshots for #3 are incredibly useful, as we can see exactly what you saw.

Please, only for version 3.2 and higher of Osclass.

No comments here like "yeah this happens to me too", just answer the questions above, any other comment not following that template will be deleted. Let's keep this clear.


1. richedit, please upgrade
2. buy/sell
3. required field

facebook connect has a fix, it needed a few things to themes for it to work. ie the logout...
i'll post it later, perhaps inside the admin area a  code sample code be added

all the attributes, have database removal issues. we have just found it easier to recommend the custom attributes. but that could use an upgrade as well- it works(ish), just old and limited.

also the plugins that do work, but require a little more know how, could use some admin tips

also, another fix thats available is for the premium plugin. as it is now, it works, but it is not "seen" instantly. user must dig around to find it. this fix we have involves core modifications, but it allows for the option to be available at the time of posting. USER FRIENDLY.

so what i propose, is something what you do in bender... as a bad example; the category "description", it's there IF you use the helper in the theme. If you have the options available in the core, but an i/o when the plugin is activated in the admin settings.

would you like the links to all of these fixes? github is just not working for me on this computer. I know you explained it, and I'm fairly decent at following directions, but it's just not compatible.


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