Author Topic: Digital Goods - Plugin not working properly  (Read 350 times)


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Digital Goods - Plugin not working properly
« on: October 10, 2016, 01:42:05 pm »

I have installed Digital Goods plugin.

It seems to upload and accept the attachments. But some files does not show on item page and the one that shows does not downloads.

Already checked other topics, could not find a solution. Please Help!

I would be glad if starts accepting (upload and download) properly even a zipped file.


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Re: Digital Goods - Plugin not working properly
« Reply #1 on: February 15, 2017, 01:44:32 pm »

Check your upload folder in oc-content/uploads/digitalgoods/

if file exist in this folder, upload working. and it also shows with the advertisement published.

If you can't download. edit item_details.php in oc-content/plugins/digitalgoods like the below code

old code
  <label><?php echo $_r['s_name']; ?></label><a href="<?php echo osc_base_url()."oc-content/plugins/".osc_plugin_folder(__FILE__)."download.php?file=".$_r['s_code']."_".$_r['fk_i_item_id']."_".$_r['s_name'];?>" ><?php _e('Download', 'digitalgoods'); ?></a>

new code
<label><?php echo $_r['s_name']; ?></label><a href="<?php echo osc_base_url()."oc-content/uploads/".osc_plugin_folder(__FILE__)."".$_r['s_code']."_".$_r['fk_i_item_id']."_".$_r['s_name'];?>" ><?php _e('Download', 'digitalgoods'); ?></a>