Author Topic: [PLUGIN] [WIP] [FREE] Theme Chooser [v 1.0.0]  (Read 702 times)


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[PLUGIN] [WIP] [FREE] Theme Chooser [v 1.0.0]
« on: August 24, 2018, 12:40:49 am »

I have made a plugin, mainly for this topic:
It allows users to select a theme they want to use. It requires the user to be logged in and then it saves a theme name selected from select box in the database.

However, there's a big problem and that's why I would love if someone may help me.

The plugin doesn't work for some themes. I have tested Violet, Veronika, Gum, Osclass Wizards, Bender, Modern, Benny, India Classifieds and only Violet, Veronika and Modern worked.

Using the other themes gave me errors - themename_add_body_class is not defined.

The plugin is attached below, depending on your themes, it may work great. Please firstly test it on a local server, don't use it on a live website as it may crash it if themes are not supported.

Use <?php themechooser_form(); ?> to show a selector for themes.

Any testing and support will be appreciated.