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[Pugin Request] csv / xml parser ( better import listings)


My idea for import(working in 3 steps)

1 Step:
- csv/xml import( file or url)

2 Step:
- paire columns

3 Step
- set cron job for url import( for automated update/sync)

All data feed partner have different type and stucture datafeeds. These things are neccessary for a working partnerprogram..

Ads importer plugin in nice thing, but realy basic.

Osclass is a very roboust and nice, but without that plugin realy hard to start a network with partners..

hi sir
am also looking to import xml data into listings...
any guidelines for me please?

I will be interested in that, too. Especially with the cron part. Any ideas? I have ad imported 0.6 but it does not support this kind of feature - with cron. Anyone interested in helping modifying it?

I am also interested in a similar plugin, with the ability to synchronize prices and delete outdated information from the site database.


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