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Hussard (Madhouse):
Osclass lack of development guidelines when it comes to plugins. Here is a draft of what we (madhouse) have been using lately. This document is intended to give some guidelines to produce quality plugins for Osclass and make them easy to be understood and eventually included in the core by the team. You can choose to follow them entirely, partly or not follow them at all but I think it’s always nice to have some guidance / talk about it.

Read the tutorial on our website :

How to develop plugins for Osclass - Part 1

How to develop plugins for Osclass - Part 2

You can find the source code on Github: Madhouse HelloWorld

See you, chimps.

Changelog :

* 27/07/2016 : Updated part 1 and published part 2!
* 03/01/2014 : Post is pinned; thanks a lot!
* 02/01/2014 : Major update; post in now on our website. Madhouse Utils is now available for download too.
* 23/10/2013 : First draft, on the forum. Still have this version if needed but you won't ;).

Hussard (Madhouse):
Is there someone from the Osclass team that have time to read it and get back to me ?

If it's good enough, we could add it to the wiki.


Nice article  ;)

File "" empties  :(


Hussard (Madhouse):

--- Quote from: frosticek on October 28, 2013, 02:47:52 pm ---@adrienrn

Nice article  ;)

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--- Quote from: Nicolas30 on October 28, 2013, 03:08:58 pm ---File "" empties  :(


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I've re-uploaded the ZIP file. Should not be empty anymore.

PS : I will provide as soon as possible the missing parts (about Admin pages and custom hooks) and eventually French translation.


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