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This is a list of user-contributed plugins for OSClass. While the "official" plugins are listed on the main site of, this post will maintain a list of all the "unofficial" plugins. If you know of a plugin that isn't listed here, please feel free to suggest it by replying to this topic.

The following links will take you to the forum topic where the plugin is available for download:
(in alphabetical order)

Currently there are 58+ user-contributed plugins.

You may notice that at the end of some of the plugin names you see (3.0). That is to let you know which version of Osclass the plugin is known to work with.

Adblock deductor - This plugin display a message to disable adblock software.

Admin Item Views - This plugin displays the number of view on the manage listings page. (3.1+)

Advanced Ad Management V2.1 - Ad management options for ad republishing, expiration notices, automatic ad deletion and more! (3.0+)

Business Info Plugin

Buy &Sell option

Carousel for OSClass - Displays items in a carousel. (2.4 - 3.0+)

Contact Optional (2.2)

Custom Attributes - allows you to add unlimited number of custom attributes. (3.0+)

Date And Time Picker plugin

Developer Tools - A set of tools for plugin developers. (3.0+)

Donate plugin

Editable Module in Sidebar - This plugin enables you post message directly to sidebar SMS billing plugin for OSClass

Forum Integration - This Plugin enables you to integrate forum plugin into osclass.

Front-end Admin Edit - It shows a big red button on the listing page that will take admins directly to the edit listing page. (3.1+)

Geo Data Installer - This plugin helps you to install geo data easily.

Ghostbuster- Get rid of the pesky ghost ads (2.3 - 3.0+)

Google and Yahoo Maps Links Plugin

Hit Counter

Horse Attributes(2.3)

Htaccess Editor - This is a simple osclass plugin to edit htaccess file from your dashboard. (3.0+)

IE Browser detect - Specifies the minimum version of IE to visit your web site without any problem. (3.1.+)

IP Blocker - Block specific IP addresses from your site

JQuery Menu 2.0

JQuery Social Share

Location Required plugin

Meta Edit - allows for some adjustment to the meta data. (3.0+)

Minifyer - This plugin when enabled minifies all your js and css files. (3.3+)!/

Motorcycles attributes - adds attributes for motorcycles (3.1+)

OC Slider - Creates slides

Offer Button 2.0 - This plugin extends a category of items to display an offer button (2.3)

Online User Counter

OSClass mail


Personal Messaging for OSClass - The one that gets the message out! (2.3 - 3.0+)

PHP Info

Picture Director - Allows re-ordering of pictures and different picture display options (2.4)

Popular Ads (most viewed ads) - Enables you to display the most viewed/most popular ads (3.0.2)

Print Ad - Creates a link that opens up a printer-friendly version of an ad (use on Item page) (2.4)

Profile Picture - Allows users to upload a profile picture to display on their public profile (3.0.2)

Promo Codes - This plugin add promotion codes. (2.3 ,2.4)

QR Code

Referral - Encourages users to share your site to increase traffic

Related Ads - Display Related ads on Item Page


Search Tag - Search tag plugin enables you to display the recent searches as tags wherever you want.

Seller Post - Show all items that a seller have for sale

Sitemap Plugin - Generates an XML sitemap.

SMF Bridge - Add a forum to OSClass (3.0+)

Social share Viral

Spam Killer - Marking the ad as spam automatically based on the filter words.

Stop Registration Spam


Terms and Conditions

Under Construction Theme

User Log Details - User Log Details plugin records the User ip, Browser Name, Operating System etc.,

User Privacy Settings

Watchlist (2.2)!/

Hi All,

I have added quite a few more of the user contributed plugins. Please let me know if you find one that we missed and we will add them to the list.



Nice idea to recollect all the plugins into one place.

very neat idea!

very nice, at least can see all plugin here with ease.


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