Author Topic: Shop plugin, convert your OSClass into a shop [in development, ideas needed!!]  (Read 46492 times)


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add this bro


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Will this work with 2.3.5 bcute theme


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Does anyone succeed installed this plugins?
I've try installed with 2.3.4 , 2.3.5 , and 2.3.6 but it doesn't installed well
Please help, how to make this working?

Thank you.


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Hi iam new here and i am really interrestet in this plugin. Is it still under development?


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Maybe to create a more secure environment for buyer/seller, have a feature where shop plugin can import eBay user feedback rating (API). User would have to provide eBay sign-in credentials, and then shop plugin would import their eBay feedback rating into their shop profile info. This is how Bonanza was able to build critical mass. The same rating import function could be applied to any other commerce site with API, such as Esty, Fiverr, ubid, etc, etc. What do you think?


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Placing ads up again ;)


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I'm interested in helping/testing. Thx.  ;D


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Hi, im getting a error like previously mentioned i didnt see a solution so i thought i would ask

plugin seems to be working only problem is something that listed price is $12,900 on the ad page when u click buy the price changes to 12900000000 USD


thanks for your help!

edit: I re installed the plugin and tried it again same problem
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I find this idea is NOT so much to make a shop, but instead to make it possible for website users to directly sell to each other, ie: allow sellers to advertise products/services, and then allow buyer to make the payment and arrange delivery (digital or postage) straight from the website.
This, therefore is NOT a shop.
But to do this (make seller/buyer exchanges on site) you would need a BUY NOW button. And this would need to be linked TO the sellers paypal account.  So you would need a section on the listings page where the person could enter their paypal linked email account.
The problem that you will then have is scammers using the site to ask for payments on products that dont exist.
To protect web buyers from this, the website could offer an ESCROW service.
In an escrow service, the money is actually PAID TO the website account at paypal. Once the customer receives their product purchased, they contact the website to let them know that the product was received and then the funds are paid to the seller.
THIS is the ONLY way you are going to stop fraudsters scamming your website users. If this happens on your site, no-one will use it!
Also note that paypal has a maximum amount for payments that is only SMALL, so if people are buying and selling larger items (cars, caravans etc) they wont be able to use paypal at all.  They will need to be able to make direct bank wire transfers.
Sellers will also need a text area to type in weight and measurements, and the cost of shipping to the customer. And whether they are paying it or the buyer has to pay extra.
This means you may have to include the services of a carrier service directly to the website, making it mandatory that all shipments are processed by this carrier.
In this way you are assured that the customer received the product because they have signed for it.

In the case of a digital product, you would need a FILE UPLOADER, where the person can upload the digital product into a folder onsite in the same way that photo images go to the images folder.
After the purchase is paid for at paypal, the buyer would be redirected to the download page to download the product.
This means storage at your site.
So, you need to charge the seller a percentage of the product sale price. ie: the product costs $9.99, you get 10% per sale= 0.999cents for every sale made by that person. This should also be configurable in admin, so that you can charge different percentages for different products and packages.
Or the person could just advertise at your site, then have their digital product downloadable somewhere else, like their own website or a site that specialises in selling digital products.

You need to find a way where the buyer is safe and protected from scammers and con artists. The seller should not get a cent until it is verified that the buyer has what they have paid for.

You will also need a shopping cart so that the buyer can buy more than one item from more than one person. eg: buy a doll pram from one customer and a golf club from a completely different one.
And now you see why you need to keep the funds in main website, so that the customer only has to make ONE payment and not two or more payments to two or more people.

Another problem you will have is if there is only one item and it has already been SOLD and the customer hasnt updated their listing. Or doesnt bother to ever update and remove the product.
So you will need something in the program that CLOSES down the listing as soon as the SOLD button is clicked so the product cannot be sold to fifty people when only one item exists!
Also an email notification to let the seller know that their product is sold and that their listing is now removed.
(meaning a separate database for those who are reselling the same product over and over again so they dont get removed when a sale is made, ie: music, books, software and all etc.)

I find the idea of a classifieds site is BETTER. This is where the buyer and the seller work out the details between each other through the contact form.  And the website owner has nothing to do with it.

Now, an actual shop.
This would be the website owner listing items for sale, or website users listing items for sale.
For this you would first need a shopping cart that allows buyers to buy more than one item.
Payments would need to go to the website account and then be paid to the seller AFTER verification of delivery.
You will need user/sellers to have ftp access to upload all of their products straight into products database.
And you would need a csv uploader.
I have a website that does exactly this. I upload a csv with thousands of products in it, enter the details on the upload page and populate the database with thousands of products.

Also note that the website owner will then need to have an SSL certificate and use https instead of http because they are accepting monetary transactions and private info like credit card numbers on site.

If site admin at osclass wants to contact me on PM I know of three scripts that are like the ones described so you can see examples.


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i suggest we should integrate with an open source cart solution like opencart

this will give us leverage and full power to site admin .

what do you think ?

Thanks and best regards

Karan Ahuja


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Zen Cart would be a good choice as well.


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OH Yeah! i agree with open cart... ive been fiddling around with that script.


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Any way is there another payment like cash or by bank .


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No doubt it will be really cool if it works similar to ebay, where users have the option to pay the site, or just set up a single account for paypal site user and to receive payment for their goods sold enough to have an account in paypal.

the buyer pays the site

and the site pays the seller.


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where is the plugin link download to test it??