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General help / New Listing popup at bottom
« Last post by Shaiful on Today at 01:36:34 pm »
Hello, anyone can teach me how can i create a Popup for new listing at bottom..
For example, when user create a New Listings an its will show out on Popup at bottom...
That mean its will be continous with another new listings...
Hope anybody can help me...
Thank you
General help / Re: Premium ranking
« Last post by m6mmi on Today at 11:35:56 am »
By default premium ads are show randomly, they are shuffled. You need to change settings in HPremium.php

Here is tutorial:

I know that one can simply disable or enable categories as needed, but is it possible to prevent posting to a certain category while not removing it? (So that existing ads remain on display, but new ads cannot be added.)

Thank you in advance.
Plugins / Re: Free Avatar plugin by Media DMJ - not working?
« Last post by vecamar on Today at 03:43:01 am »
Hello! I have the same problem. I don´t know where to paste that code. I saw the files but in which line? I pasted in any file and didn´t work.
Can anybody help us, please?
Plugins / Reasl Estate Attributes Plugin
« Last post by CiTrader on Today at 12:12:03 am »
Are all attributes in the real estate attributes plugin hard coded or should I be able to edit them as I can with Auto attributes plugin ?
I am sure I can edit Label text for these fields but I need to remove some as well. Do I just strip those I do not need and remove from database ?
General help / Premium ranking
« Last post by bertrandg on May 21, 2018, 11:21:51 pm »
Hello, after several tries, I can not find a solution. When a premium ad is republished it does not go up in front of other premiums. It is well classified in other ads. Do you have an idea ?

My code

Code: [Select]
osc_count_premiums() > 0) {

Bender / Re: Bender CSS
« Last post by CiTrader on May 21, 2018, 11:09:09 pm »
@Web-Media Thank You
General help / Re: Allow anyone to edit
« Last post by e9coupe on May 21, 2018, 10:27:00 pm »
Was any progress ever made with this?  I'd like to do the same thing and I think the issue is how the program deals with the "secret" encryption to verify ownership.
hi, which file was selected for setting the Cron on the server? index.php or another? Thank you
Well, yes I did a change...Into an another web page, cities / regions was should contained only from coastal cities / regions...I removed all inland cities / regions because web site was about only shore cities / towns ( diving activities ), besides I have added many towns, cities manually into list where Osclass original list does not contain thoses...

Now new site is about sailing / boat activities and should contained only seaside cities, I did not want to spend time to create same coastal cities, I have just database of another ( diving ) web page clonned and replaced into this new project...

Now I faced this error, I could not find solution. I select A city when I place item, after saving, visit URL , ı see that item was recorded under B city name...

Now I need to edit all placed items, change city name and save on dasboard...It cost me time...
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