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General help / Re: Comments email required always
« Last post by BRYAN on Today at 03:16:07 am »
well this sounds simple cmon guys, CONEJO , DEV101 , SMARTY, anyone please its just simple disable requirement, :) i know you guys can do it, you guys are the best
Development / Re: Automated Ads for Classifieds
« Last post by Liath on Today at 03:05:14 am »
There is no Download, i can prepare it as standalone and publish it on my Blog...

it is to special for the market here i think
Ayuda / Eliminar campo de precios totalmente. Se puede? Ayuda.
« Last post by acpesp666 on Today at 03:00:37 am »
Hola a todos,
Es mi primer mensaje aunque llevo tiempo apoyándome en vosotros muchas gracias.

Bueno estoy terminando una web de cambios o trueques (o algo parecido) y no quiero que salga ningún precio en ningún lado ni que sea posible ponerlo. Vamos, retirar totalmente el campo precios.
He buscado por el foro y he encontrado esto que es justo lo que quiero hacer. Pero no encuentro el archivo (item-post.php) que mencionan en el tema:

tema antiguo: https://forums.osclass.org/ayuda/eliminar-campo-de-precio/

Desde 2013 ha cambiado el nombre del archivo o soy torpe y no lo encuentro. Tampoco sabría que borrar exactamente ya que con las actualizaciones habrá cambiado todo un poco desde 2013.

Bueno pues haber si alguien es tan amable de responder y muchísimas gracias a todos por esta comunidad.

old / Re: "cookie-action,done" on URL, is this normal?
« Last post by dev101 on Today at 01:23:51 am »
That is a function of their themes, that's how they work, there's no "fix", unless you redesign internal code.
Development / Help with dao WHERE AND clause on a plugin i am working on
« Last post by xop32 on Today at 01:22:11 am »
I have a small plugin that I am working on for user payments

I have this sql for the plugin

Code: [Select]
CREATE TABLE /*TABLE_PREFIX*/t_user_payments (
    id int(10) unsigned NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT,
    fk_i_item_id INT(10) UNSIGNED,
    fk_i_user_id INT(10) UNSIGNED,
    fk_i_coach_id INT(10) UNSIGNED,
    booking_id INT(10) UNSIGNED,
    payment_timestamp DATETIME NOT NULL,
    transaction_timestamp DATETIME NOT NULL,
    approved INT (1) DEFAULT '0',
    invoice_number VARCHAR(100) NOT NULL,
    transaction_id VARCHAR(100) NOT NULL,
    is_paypal_transaction INT (1) DEFAULT '0',
    is_paypal_pending INT (1) DEFAULT '0',
    paypal_transaction_id VARCHAR(100) NOT NULL,
    amount DECIMAL(7, 2) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0',
    currency VARCHAR(10) NOT NULL,
    payment_pin VARCHAR(10) NOT NULL,
    booking_accepted INT (1) DEFAULT '0',
    payment_completed INT (1) DEFAULT '0',
    payment_refunded INT (1) DEFAULT '0',
    payment_archived INT (1) DEFAULT '0',
    payment_pending INT (1) DEFAULT '0',

        PRIMARY KEY (id)

and I am trying to create a simple function that gets all payments that have are from either the fk_i_user_id field OR fk_i_coach_id field


payment_archived = 1

I am not sure why the sql is not working correctly in the below function

Code: [Select]

$userId = osc_logged_user_id();

     * Get User Archived user payments given a user id and item id
     * @param int $userId
     * @return array
    public function getAllArchivedUserPayments($userId) {
        $this->dao->where('fk_i_user_id = ' . $userId . ' OR fk_i_coach_id = ' . $userId);
        $this->dao->where('payment_archived', '1');

        $result = $this->dao->get();
        if (!$result) {
            return array();

        return $result->result();

if I have say 2 rows and set both values of  'payment_archived' to 1

It returns both rows

but if I then set the 2 rows values of  'payment_archived' to 0

it will still return a single row where it should not return anything ???

General help / Re: Make osclass faster
« Last post by BritWeb on Today at 01:18:15 am »
i had about 50k listings, i deleted everything and started over as osclass was way too outdated and there was many modifications that was preventing me from upgrading directly.
now i have latests osclass with 50k + users and 8k listings in less than 1 month. The site is again starting to slow down.

i upgraded to mariadb 10 that helped a bit but the problem is still there. My main slow down issue is the messenger, tried 2 of them the site gets very slow with both
Even if i disable messenger the site is slow but cpu usage won't go more than 40% at peak times(that is still too much and slow)

i have centos 6.7 with php 5 dso

Also makes me wonder, how can you have 400-500 users simultaneously ? How big is your site ?
Its pretty big and popular with ~1 mil visitors and ~12 mil pageviews per month

number of listings, number of users and locations
8000 listings 1 country and around 20 regions

which plugins do you have
currently madhouse messenger(main slow down issue, he did pretty good job with the plugin speed but i think the problem comes from osclass core)

is it slow because of mysql?
yes, totally. i attached image with query statistics from phpmyadmin, looks bad to me

does any php errors appear?
i do get many file doesn't exist(public_html/oc-content/uploads/1148...and more different files) errors but i don't think this is the problem as i didn't had them on older version

is it slow because of the network?
No, not at all. This is 100% database problem, have seen cpu usage goes over 140% and then the server is down

i attached second image with phpmyadmin advisor. i think there should be query indexes but no idea how to do that.

I appreciate any help and i hope osclass can finaly fix my problem.


Just out of topic, how did you achieve 50k + users and 8k listings in less than 1 month? That's staggering and do you mind sharing your tricks?

So no one is interested in a function that delivers only users that have expired items for the email warn expiration to be send just once/day for 1 or more expired items?

I resolved my issue for email warn expiration not being sent by setting a server cron job.
details: https://forums.osclass.org/general-help/auto_cron-stoped-working-after-cpanel-update/msg149431/#msg149431
Repurpose / Re: help with free classifieds osclass script ???
« Last post by marius-ciclistu on April 23, 2017, 11:24:12 pm »
Sorry that I edited many times the above answer. Now I think it's complete for english language.

For other languages, editing only the .po and generating the .mo files(from that language folder!) would be enough.
old / Re: "cookie-action,done" on URL, is this normal?
« Last post by bobyrou on April 23, 2017, 11:04:14 pm »
Hi. I have the same issue. This issue is not from plugins. What I noticed is that this issue is only if you have a theme bought from MB-Themes. I don't know how to fix this but MB-Themes needs to help us to fix this issue.
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