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Fabricio Soares

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Plugin Sitemap Generation Osclass Configuration
« on: November 18, 2015, 12:59:21 am »
Hello , I am unable to configure the plugin sitemap generator in osclass , can anyone tell me step by step what should I do ? Thank you.

This message appears when I install the plugin, but not their making .

Sitemap Generator Help

What is Sitemap Generator Plugin?

Sitemap Generator plugin allows you to generate a sitemap.xml file and ping the major search engines so they will be able to index your site.
How does Sitemap Generator plugin work?

The plugin will generate a sitemap.xml file on the root of your OSClass installation. The folder must have write permissions to work correctly. The sitemap.xml file will be generated hourly and at the same time will ping the major search engines. No user interaction is needed.
How do I generate sitemaps manually?

Sitemap file generation could take some resources and time depending on how big your website is. We strongly suggest to run it manually via a system's cron. To achieve that, you should modify index.php file, and comment or remove tha last line (osc_add_hook('cron_daily', 'sitemap_generator');) and run manual_cron.php instead on your system's cron.