Author Topic: [IMPORTANT] NEW SITE FOR SUGGESTIONS (19th Dec)  (Read 4230 times)


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« on: August 06, 2014, 02:37:00 pm »
Hi everyone!

We're setting up a new site to send suggestions and ideas for Osclass. Why not the forum you may ask? Well, the new site let you vote the ideas, so we could know which ideas/features/suggestions are more important for the community than other. Something we can not do here. It also allows you to comment and discuss said ideas.

Any idea/feature/suggestion is welcomed but please take in care this few rules:
  • It should be a good idea for the vast majority of the community (something that 90% of the people will use in their Osclass sites, not only you)
  • Nothing related to themes (Example: "I want the search bar to include region field")
  • Check the current existing plugins (here http://market.osclass.org/ and here http://forums.osclass.org/plugins/ ), maybe what you're asking is already done
  • ABSOLUTELY NO BUGS REPORTS, NO PROBLEMS, ONLY NEW IDEAS AND SUGGESTIONS (For bug reports here : https://github.com/osclass/Osclass/issues/new or in the forum)

I will delete any suggestion/idea that doesn't follow this rules, without an explanation. It's a site for new ideas, not for customizations (forum), not for bug reports(github), not for problems(forums). Hope everyone understand.

And finally, the url : https://osclass.uservoice.com/