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Dear users and developers of OSClass

We want to improve our wiki. So we want to heard you what we're missing, yes, we know we missed a lot of information, but hey! we can not do everything! we also need to sleep sometimes!
Are there any part of OSClass you're more interested in?

We also have a documentation page (but for some reason unknown to us, it's not been updated correctly). You could find the same documentation on the source of OSClass.

With wiki or not, you'll be always free to ask here, at the forums, any problem or doubt you have, so help us improve!


I can add some info on the wiki when i discoverd missing information but i don't find the way to do it. Did your wiki is open for modification like wikipedia ?

Hi keny,

I'm sorry it's not open (I stated somewhere over the wiki) it's because of spam or if someone place bad information there (we can not watch 24h the wiki!).

I've just created an account for you. I'm sending you data access to the wiki.

Juan Ramón:
I've open the registration, but it's mandatory be registered to edit or add new pages.

Ok now for people that do not know how to code in php and make pluggin you have a chance to contribute to OsClass.

I will even if i hate documenting but if this can help someone else to do a pluggin i will !


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