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How to upload multiple images in OSclass?



Is there a way for a user to upload multiple images at once?

Hi Uzer,

Once you selected one image, another field will appear to select another. Selecting multiple images at the same time is not possible yet, but we're working on it.

UPDATE: You could select multiple files at upload if you modify the <input /> tag in item_post.php and add "multiple" to it



Is there a feasible way to attach this uploader to OSClass? Any advice?

Hi Uzer,

Probably there's a way, but we're already working on other solutions, the main problem is that we need to change a few thing here and there, so it will not be released soon. But you're free to modify OSClass as much as you want, and/or create a plugin for it.


Hi there,

new plugin - improvement on image upload system,

- Multiple file upload.
- Drag & drop files.
- Image preview.
- Daily purge of old temporary images (Cron)



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