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Question for the all community members
« on: September 02, 2012, 04:47:37 pm »
I was thinking , way this free and Open Source power full platform don't have premium plugin , whay good skilled developers in this community not making premium plugin? Simple answer is "Because this is community" :) , ok make seanse. Every Open Source platform have premium plugin , good developers and high ranked community members make money from advanced plugin, also this is   another way to finance the Osclass team, and on this forum i  saw a few members who deserve to profit in some way , they help me resoloving issues and share their nice plugin with us. My idea is , make the online store for premium plugin :) (we can use some Open Source e-commerce solution), for example member A is developer hi is good and have some crazy skills :) , he make good plugin , send to osclass team they verify "This is good - pass" (like apple store) and put plugin on online store , then the Developer A make money , also osclass team can make nice plugin , they don't have a time to fulfill our desires, but they have some parts and they can make a few a useful plugin and sell on store. Some will say , ok but i am a old  member on this forum , a have xxx post, i help many of users to resolve problems, a make free plugin , whay some make profit from developing and i am not , thet's not fair , and hi is right. But Osclass team can make him high ranking member, and hi can use plugins from store, bisouse hi improve the community and keep this forum alive , and thet's true ( i dont whont to write the names).Also developers who make free plugin they will be ranked  ,  It will inspire them to keep up with good work.
I noticed that this forum every day gets more and more new members, with  questions and problems, plugins request etc... and the answer is less..
And one more reason for this, i am new user, i need plugin ,  but for my request is complicated and its not ok to some whone spend xxx hour of time making plugin. Many members are willing to pay ( some symbolic price 10,20,30 $ depends on the plugin) , many members make profit from their classified site.

Maybe i may not be described properly, but you get the point:)

I want to heir your opinion and one good reason whay not bring this community to the next level.

Thank you for reading this and if you do not have something intelligent to write, do not write anything :)
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Re: Question for the all community members
« Reply #1 on: November 16, 2012, 02:27:55 pm »
Hi there @666999

We actually are working now on creating a place where the users could sell or offer for free their plugins and themes. We'll definitely let you know once it's ready!