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Osclass, Please UPGRADE Forum software to latest version (2.0.10)


@Osclass, this forum is in need of upgrade, please upgrade our forums for reasons displayed below:

--- Code: ---SMF 2.0.10   April 22 2015

April 2015
 ! The instructions on ManagePaid page need to be updated
 ! PayPal emails are case insensitive
 ! Long standing problem with ManageNews and PostgreSQL
 ! Long standing problem with Smiley sets and PostgreSQL
 ! Errors show in log when handling certain tar.gz packages

March 2015
 ! Forum Maintenance - Topics fails if header is collapsed
 ! Fix for unsupported UTF8mb4 characters

February 2015
 ! SSI.php doesn't handle "hide results until user has voted" properly
 ! Sanitize package redirects

January 2015
 ! Can't use WYSIWYG editor in Pale Moon browser
 ! Search dialogue can overflow inappropriately
 - Excessive line in ManageServer.php in the patch upgrade from 2.0.8
 ! HTML tag broken in 2.0.9 install package
 ! Wrong link in ManageAttachments
 * Error suppression missing in Subs-Package
 ! XML post preview was broken in 2.0.9
 ! Chrome doesn't like opacity for the news fader anymore
 + Add additional emails in Paid Subscriptions settings for PayPal business accounts.

SMF 2.0.9                                                        October 1 2014

September 2014
 ! SMF tries to stick ORDER BY NULL onto INSERT IGNORE queries containing sub-selects with a GROUP BY statement, causing a database error (Reported by guest)
 ! "Show Results" button always shown for polls as long as you can vote in them (Reported by Chainy)
 ! Multi-select boxes for settings were broken when no value had been selected (Reported by Suki)
 ! Some mail providers screw up the activation link (Reported by NanoSector)
 ! PHP 5.4 changes default charset to UTF-8, which can cause problems with search results and PM notification emails (Reported by fun4us)
 ! Make sure opcode cache gets cleared when regular cache does
 ! Log pruning should only delete closed mod reports, not open ones
 ! Fix layout issue with manage permissions page (Reported by Antes)
 ! Adjust image check to not fail on "cellTextIsHtml", unless paranoid... (Reported by Arantor)
 ! Sanitize all package XML to prevent any XSS attacks (Reported by Arantor)
 ! Add session check when previewing posts to prevent XSS via [html] from forged forms (Reported by emanuele)
 ! Sanitize maintenance mode title to prevent XSS attacks if HTML is used in it (Reported by guest)

SMF 2.0.8    June 18 2014

June 2014
 ! Nobbc should work across multiple lines
 ! Package manager shouldn't fail when only 32M of memory is available
 ! Quoting posts with smileys in, in the WYSIWYG editor, shouldn't spout nonsense into the editor (in the way certain versions of 2.0.7 did)
 ! Td tags with a colspan should still function and not consume vast amounts of memory
 ! Using lots of html bbcode tags when not an admin should not consume vast amounts of memory
 ! Using queryless URLs, and/or when the PHPSESSID is present, should not consume vast amounts of memory
 ! Breaking long words should function without consuming lots of memory
 ! Adding posts with many smileys or bbc with specific parameter types (many times especially) should not consume vast amounts of memory, e.g. [acronym=definition]term[/acronym]
 ! Emails should work without consuming vast amounts of memory
 ! Time tags should work without consuming vast amounts of memory
 ! The copyright year should be updated
 ! Board order should always work correctly (if at a performance hit, a la the mod Arantor prepared)
 ! The memberlist search feature could, in some cases, throw a database error if no valid fields were specified

SMF 2.0.7                                                       January 20 2014

January 2014
 ! PHP 5.5 compatibility fixes merged in. (Thanks to all who contributed but especially SleePy and Spuds)
 ! Trim the username if oversized when logging in. (Thanks to TMcomputering for the report)
 ! Check that group inheritance is actually going to be viable before trying to do further inquiry. (Thanks to tfs for the report)
 ! Made sure some of the calendar holidays are corrected when previously incorrect.

December 2013
 ! Don't let the prune reports function prune open, or for that matter, ignored, reports. (Reported by Kimmie)
 ! If an uploaded file somehow has an image size but isn't really an image, don't try to treat it as an image.
 ! Make file cache somewhat less fragile.
 ! ssi_fetchPosts didn't honour overriding permissions. (Thanks to IchBin for a fix)
 ! Privacy and original sending time were not kept in the mail queue in the event of sending failure.
 ! Wrong variable used in the mail queue handling (Thanks to Nao for originally finding the bug)
 ! Themes with spaces in could break the editor handling. (Thanks to akyhne for the report and akabugeyes for a suggested fix)
 ! Made the anti-XSS header a little less picky.
 ! FIND_IN_SET wasn't always properly set up for PostgreSQL use.
 ! Multiple installed themes with variants wouldn't all be able to be selected properly.
 ! Fields that are regex-validated couldn't be left empty (thanks HappyBits and emanuele)
 ! Fixing legacy TYPE=HEAP (thanks heusdens for the report)

SMF 2.0.6                                                       October 22 2013

October 2013
 ! Added some headers to help protect against clickjacking (thanks Jakob Lell for the report)
 ! Invalid avatars were not always properly cleaned up (thanks chaoztc for the report)
 ! Added protection against usernames being impersonated with Unicode space characters (thanks Jakob Lell for the report)
 ! Sessions weren't always cleaned up properly on logout (thanks creepernex for the report)
 ! Certain fields were accepted during registration even when they shouldn't be (thanks tomreyn for the report)
 ! Certain errors were unnecessarily shown during a failed registration and some of those were inappropriate anyway (thanks Labradoodle-360 for the report)
 ! Approving an account from a member's profile was not logged (thanks emanuele for the report)
 ! Approving an account from a member's profile did not always properly enforce security rules (thanks emanuele for the report)
 ! The PHPSESSID injector would also add it to the canonical link, breaking it (thanks to all who reported it)
 ! An invalid character was indicated in legacy attachment handling
 ! Under some circumstances the admin panel would not accept the number of verification questions you had entered (thanks BurkeKnight for the report)
 ! The help pages could sometimes accidentally direct users to non-existing pages (thanks AngelinaBelle for the report and Illori for the fix)

--- End code ---

This forum is becoming (if not already) a security risk if not updated! :(


Please use Uservoice for your suggestions.

 :o :o

Just kidding of cource......

You are so right, the version here is 2013, still i don't think they will upgrade. The Forums are on auto-pilot (and i guess Osclass tem are just very-very lucky).


--- Quote from: Aficionado on August 21, 2015, 04:20:41 am ---Please use Uservoice for your suggestions.

 :o :o

Just kidding of cource......

You are so right, the version here is 2013, still i don't think they will upgrade. The Forums are on auto-pilot (and i guess Osclass tem are just very-very lucky).

--- End quote ---

Thanks for all your support


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