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 Is there something like :‘renew’ link-button in the ‘manage’ column of options. When one clicks this renew link, the post is reposted to the top of the listings. This is a big time saver.

Hi merca24,

You could achieve that with a plugin, it shouldn't be difficult to do, and someone with a little free time could do it.


Well you made it sound soooo easy,but as a newbie i don´t have a clue.

The idea is to put the button ¨Renew your ad¨ into the ad.
If you click the button  you should come to the pay section,
After payment your ad goes back to the top of the list again automaticly.

I really think this is the best option to charge for the ads.

Anybody have a little free time to help me out???


Here is an example how is should work.
(WARNING) It´s an Spanish adult site....,
Its just for you guys to see how its working. (Scroll the page down to see the ads with the ¨subir top´button.)
When you click this come directly to the pay section.
After you pay your is back on the top of the list...

I think it´s a very good tool to make some money on your site.


My Site:

Hi merca24,

It should be easy. Unfortunately I don't take customization jobs, I'm really sorry but I already have two jobs and no free-time.

You could take Payments plugin as a start, and develop your own, of course, you need to know some PHP and MySQL.
Feel free to post your offer on the Jobs board : maybe you have more luck.



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