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cant save the google ad code to the area with ( NEXT theme)


i purchase ( NEXT theme) i am really excited to finish all site adjustment

i had one issue with Ads management option

(i cant save the google ad code to the area
once i click save it transfer me to main page).
also header and footer Widget same issue.

hope to find Solution

Contact your hosting provider, is a server issue.

I would Like to Thanks you ( calinbehtuk)  now i can save the google ads code.

I did contact my hosting provider and this was the answer:

We have found a lot of ModSecurity rules associated with your domain triggered on the server. ModSecurity is an open-source web-based firewall application (or WAF) supported by different web servers: Apache, Nginx and IIS. It is configured to protect web applications from various attacks.

ModSecurity works in the background, and every page request is being checked against various rules to filter out those requests which seem malicious. These can be the ones that have been run to exploit vulnerabilities in your website software with the only goal to hack the site.

Sometimes, mod_security may incorrectly determine that a certain request is malicious, while it is actually legitimate. When it happens, you can get different errors - 500, 404 or 403 or be redirected to your main page (as in your case).

We have disabled it temporarily for your domain while you are working on the website. Once you finish, please let us know in order to enable Mod Security back for your domain for security reasons. 

hosting provider...

so you think if they turn back that action my google ads code will be deleted or effected some how?


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