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Dark theme HTML
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Top Instant Messaging applications

We started communicating by letters when we were not able to talk to a person face to face. Either when living in different cities or desiring to tell secrets to others, writing always plays an important role. 

Then, it was the emails. Similar to the letters, which allows transferring information faster and being answered almost instantly. And now? How do we often communicate with people who are far away? Generally, people choose instant messaging apps. 

Here we would like to mention some most used Messaging Apps For Android Phones


It is the Instant Messaging application with the most users in the world. 

It was created at the beginning of 2010, and bought by Facebook in 2014. Although it was acquired by the social network, it was not linked to it because it already had its own Instant Messaging tool. However, thanks to this acquisition, it is possible to implement a new tool and develop it for its better functioning. 

It is currently free and available for use on all smartphones. It mainly sends and receives messages through the Internet. Also, it has added the possibility of sending multimedia messaging (photos, short videos, voice notes, and even share the location), and free calls. 

Since you register with your phone number, this application immediately identifies which of your contacts also have Whatsapp. It even sends notifications when one of your phone contacts has joined the application so they can stay in touch.

Messages between groups are also allowed, adding the possibility of writing or sending multimedia messages to several people at the same time. 



Facebook Messenger 

Launched in 2011, it started allowing you to share text and multimedia messaging with your Facebook contacts. 

Showing itself as an alternative to WhatsApp, it is not necessary to add your phone number to be able to contact other people, instead you could be in contact with all those registered with a Facebook account.

One of the features that place this application as the most used, is that it works as an independent application of the Facebook app. That is, you can only have Messenger installed and still receive notifications even without Facebook, as some phones do not support the weight of the official Facebook app.

Recently, various stickers and GIFs have been added to personalize your messages in this Free sms app




Skype is mainly used to establish a text, voice, and video call over the Internet. 

Designed in 2003 by the Danish Janus Friis, it has been popularized in recent times. Although at the beginning, you could access with your MSN Messenger user, when this server was permanently deleted, it ordered the clients to open an exclusive Skype account or to stop using this messaging.

Managed mainly by email to avoid direct charges to the telephone number, this program allows to leave voice messages (voicemail) if the user is not available. 

It also allows free voice conferences between two or several users at the same time.



In conclusion, here are the most used anonymous text messaging apps for Android users in the market today. Which one are you using? Share with us. 



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Re: Dark theme HTML
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You can change the colors of your theme by editing it's stylesheets - CSS files. They are usually located in oc-content/themes/theme_name/css/. If you don't know much about CSS, check this tutorials: