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How to choose the right monitor for your needs
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I admit that with time, I work less and less in my office. My laptop is very satisfying because it is much more powerful than my desktop and I can work around the house. By cons, that does not mean that I no longer use my 23-inch screen. When I draw or study, I like the possibility of having a larger screen at my disposal. That said, if I were to buy one at the moment, my choice would probably be quite different. And you, do you know which monitor you should buy?

No matter what you do with your computer, you can find a type of screen made for you. Whether you're an illustrator, photographer, gamer or just because you use your computer to listen to your TV shows, precise specifications are more important for one task than for the others.<a href=""_blank">explore it now</a>

For players

The most important thing for a player is  refreshing rate. For the uninitiated, the refresh rate is the speed at which your screen displays its pixels. If it is too low, it is possible that you have a ghosting effect when a character moves too fast for example. I had the misfortune to experience it in the past and it's unpleasant — nothing to stop you from playing but enough to give you headaches. For example, the 27-inch BenQ XL2720Z offers a refresh rate of 144 Hz and a response time of 1 millisecond. With him, you will have no problem playing.

The other not insignificant thing is the resolution of the screen. The 1080p screens are now the minimum standard and for a size of 23 to 25 inches, they are still pretty good. To have a better image, some will opt for ultra-high definition also called 4K. Obviously, to have a respectable performance with this kind of screen, you must have a bomb as a computer but the picture is breathtaking. For years, Asus offers excellent monitors and the 28-inch PB287Q is no exception if you want a screen is no exception as it is designed for players.

For image professionals

Have you ever tried to edit an image or photograph on an inaccurate screen? It is a real ordeal. In my old job, I had to change the new logo of our department with a desktop computer and a former monitor that was almost eight years old. When I decided to print the result, I realized that the colors were not right and I found a lot of small defects that were all not present on the screen. I swore that never again would I get caught working on such a mediocre display.

Visual quality is the leading quality demanded by a professional image when it comes to choosing a new monitor. Whether graphic designer, photographer or other, he must have a screen with accurate colors and unparalleled precision. Based on the research I have done to write this article, there is a reasonably clear consensus that IPS displays offer better quality, better contrast, and a larger side-view angle than LED screens. .

I also believe that while to be there, you better opt for a 4K screen since you will have more space to work and a much more precise definition. LG offers the 27-inch 27UD68-W.AUS 27-inch monitor with a 178-degree viewing angle, accurate color, and a remarkable level of detail.

For lovers of video content

Whether for lack of space or solely for convenience, some people prefer to listen to their video content like Netflix, YouTube or another streaming service on their computer. This is a choice that defends itself very well when you are studying in residence or even just to have peace in your corner of the house. Anyway, it is good to have an excellent visual quality to enjoy your experience but what should we favor to enjoy it to the full?

Although the majority of content on the internet is mostly in high definition, it begins to have more and more content in 4K. It is therefore an avenue that is very interesting to consider. The other advantage of opting for the 4K is that you can choose a larger screen and always keep the same visual quality. For example, a few months ago, I was able to test for this blog a 40-inch monitor for the computer. Well yes 40 inches is a bit big but even less than 15 inches from the screen, the definition remained the same as my 23-inch screen in high definition. Take the test at home to go to 15 centimeters from your TV and you will see that the quality is not the same. Unfortunately, it is no longer available but you can always opt for its replacement43 inches the Phillips BDM4350UC.

Another thing that is starting to be more and more popular is the curved screens. For office work, it's not really ideal, but for video or games, it's much more immersive technology. My choice in this category will go to the Acer Predator 35-inch screen. It will satisfy the player and the video enthusiast.

Depending on what you want to do with your computer, it is always best to research the type of monitor you want to buy. Yes it's still nice to save a few dollars and have a bigger screen than we had, but if you have a sore eye or are disappointed because it does not meet your expectations, your money will have been sent through the windows. I offered you some tracks to find your next screen but they are not the only ones. Take the time to list all your paper needs (resolution, size, etc.) and check to see if your future monitor meets everything you want. The Best Buy site contains all the specifications of each screen in detail on each of the entries and you will find many different sections for each type of monitor (game, professional, etc.). Good luck with your research.