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NEXT Theme Does Not Show Listings In List Format


I am running the latest version of Osclass, using the Next theme. 

When I click on the button to change the view from gallery to list view, on any page aside from the homepage, everything that is on the left side of the page disappears, and there are no listings shown.  The list view works only on the homepage itself.

But on any other page, the fields that say "Your search," "location," "show only" etc. disappears, and there are no listings at all shown in the center of the page.  When the gallery view is clicked, everything comes back.

Can you please tell me which file controls this?  Is it main.php, search.php, functions.php, or a different file? 

Does the list view work in the Next theme? Or is this a known error that needs a modification? Or did we change something?

Your help is appreciated.  Thank you.


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