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script for adding tr and td with text or variable inside
« on: September 11, 2011, 02:18:14 pm »
hello guys lately i was looking for script to that will open new row in table when u click on it ,and i have found something similar to what i was looking for  and i have done some changes and added deleting rows option, very usefull and i will give example , when u see the item list (photo description ,seller and....).
u can do it more little (i mean the row will be height 40px without photo)when u click on the row it will open new tr and u will see all the item discription of the item  the photo option to contact the seller in the same tr
and will be button close (which acutally in the script its to delete this tr, no worries when u click again it will open same tr ,for thos which r not so familair with coding),now the potenial  of this is hugh more items in same page , looks better , and when u open this <tr> u can do everything from it including contact the seller if u doing the right code .

it took me while to figure how to delte the last row (lol) but its working now . so u can use it .

where is the "1" u can put any variable/text-string/image u want to display
hope u will find it usefell as i did . by the way u can turn it into html file instead of txt file  and u can see how its working on live .

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