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this is the same theme from the market that has been updated with the current version of twitter bootstrap classes, tested on osclass v 3.3.2

it does included all the fun stuff responsive and java script files from bootstrap, you can learn yourself at
there is a sample of the modal on item page (contact seller) that you can use where ever you'd like.

it is responsive, on the most basic level once you learn bootstrap, you can stack the classes as needed.

I will help as i can, but you should learn on your own, same for the script ;-)

hi design you do a great job thx

I would like to hide the display of prices on the item page when i choose job but dosen't work i try other theme it s work but twitter theme no did you have any idea thx again

same in here. It's also happen with repurpose theme. Seem the staff didn't update for both of that theme. The price can't disable, the core function when changing into bender or modern theme working fine. So the main problem with theme that not pass function to disable the prices when choosing disable price in admin panel. I have report this problem into github since 2 days ago but still noone reply. Really need help to fix the problem.

I will look into these issues. When I started the theme, I checked for issues and fixes in the themes forum. These where not among them, and the required fields fields bug, where not among them.

Thank you for posting! I'll update this there'd and github as I fix them.

Still i am not able to post ad using  Twitter theme after downloaded twitter 3.1. Please suggest me on this


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